How to Recover Deleted Photos from Memory Card?


Filling up your memory card with Trip photos or wedding photos and then losing all or most of those photos from it is a terrible feeling!!!  It is rare to see failure of memory cards as they use flash memory to store data. Flash memory is non volatile memory that can retain all your images including other data even when there is no power. However, the loss of images from memory cards may occur due to malfunction or most commonly due to human errors. Human Errors like accidental deletion or reformatting before the photos are transferred to your hard drive results in loss of photos. While deleting some unwanted or unnecessary from your digital camera or cell phone, you might accidentally click on “Delete All” option resulting in loss of all images including your precious photos that you have not backed up. Now, you cannot even restore those deleted photos by any means as you don’t have a special option like Recycle Bin in Camera’s to recover deleted files.

Otherwise, you might have accidentally formatted your memory card while performing some other function. When you format the memory card either in digital camera, cell phone or computer, all your images gets deleted resulting in loss of images. So, is there any hope to recover these deleted photos? Not to worry!!! It is possible to recover deleted photos by using a special Data Recovery Software. But, you should not use the memory card after accidentally erasing pictures or formatting your memory card. Don’t even take a single additional picture, don’t format the card again and most importantly don’t give up on recovering the images. Chances are that your photos are still on the card. Only the allocation information of those photos have simply been destroyed or deleted so that your computer or digital camera cannot see your photos.

If you use that memory card to save any new photos or capture new photos then the images , which still exist on your memory card may get overwritten resulting in permanent loss of images. Therefore, immediately avoid the usage of memory card and use Data Recovery Software. Data Recovery Software is specially designed to recover deleted images from memory cards. Even if you have formatted or reformatted your memory card, don’t despair!!! Your memory card still contains all the pertinent image data until you start writing new photos over that memory card. Therefore, this software can help you to recover photos even after formatting or reformatting the memory cards.

If you have deleted photos from a memory card when it is connected to your computer then they do not move to Recycle Bin instead they bypass the Recycle Bin. In such case also, this software help you out in recovering photos from memory cards. It supports deleted photo recovery from SD cards, CF cards, MMC, XD cards, Memory Stick etc. The software has the capacity to recognize upto 300 file types with its powerful scanning mechanism. If you have moved some files from your hard drive to Recycle Bin and then deleted files or emptied Recycle Bin then also you can use this software. It can very easily undelete files deleted from Recycle Bin on your Windows computer.

 Similarly, if you want to recover accidentally erased or lost files on your Mac then you can use the Mac version of this software. You just need to download the free demo version of this software by that you can also estimate the recovery results. This software has special built-in algorithms that can perform signature search to recover files from Mac Operating System. Additionally, if you want to recover accidentally erased few important MS Outlook data like emails, contacts, calendar entries, notes, tasks, journal etc. from the MS Outlook then you can use MS Outlook Recovery Software. It can repair the PST file if it is corrupted and can also retrieve erased MS Outlook attributes from it in less span of time.

Simple steps to recover deleted photos from memory cards

Step 1: Connect your memory card either by using a card reader or by using a data cable to your computer where the software is downloaded and installed. After that, launch the software, a main screen appears, select “Recover Files” option from the main screen and then select “Recover Deleted Files” option from the next screen to retrieve deleted data

Recover Deleted Files - Main Screen

Step 2: Now, you need to select the memory card from where you have accidentally deleted the photos. As you select the memory card and click on “Next” option, the software starts scanning the memory card to find and recover deleted images from memory card

Recover Erased Data - Storage device Selection Window

Step 3: Once the scanning and photo recovery gets over, you can view the recovered photos using “Preview” option.

Restore Deleted Files - Preview Window

Useful Tips which needs to remember

  • Do not delete or format the memory card without taking a backup of important photos
  • Be careful while deleting images from a memory card when it is connected to your computer. This is because, the files deleted from memory card bypass the Recycle Bin so you cannot restore deleted photos from it.
  • Do not format the memory card on the computer instead format it in the digital camera

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